SOAP Bible Reading Plan

Reading the Bible is a personal discipline that will lead you to Jesus on a regular basis. SOAP is a three-year plan that will take you through the entire Bible. This plan encourages you to journal as your journey through each chapter of Scripture.

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Other Bible REading Plans

Looking to switch things up? There are plenty of great options out there. Here are just a couple of ideas.

Reformation 30-Day Bible Plan

We created a special Bible reading plan that will carry you through the main elements of the Bible.

Bible Gateway

This website is not only a great online resource for reading and searching the Bible, but it also offers a variety of Bible reading plans that last anywhere from one week to three years.

YouVersion Bible App

This app puts the entire Bible right on your phone or personal device. Open it up to read, search key words, play audio versions of the Bible, take notes, and much more.

Having trouble staying focused?

If you find it difficult to focus while reading the Bible, try spending ten minutes on this exercise before you begin your reading:


Write down what's on your mind. It might be a checklist of things you need to accomplish for the day. It might be a worry or concern for yourself or someone else. When you are more aware of what's on your mind, you are more open to God speaking into it.


Think back to some sins you have been wrestling with. What areas of your life do you need to improve on? Be open and honest on the things that trouble you as you confess these sins to God. After you confess your sins, meditate on how God freely forgives you for the sake of Jesus. No sin is too big for him.


Look ahead to the next day. What areas of life do you need God's guidance in? What gift of the Spirit do you need the most help with? Where are you seeking his voice? Be open to him guiding you, even if it's in an area you aren't expecting.


Now you are ready! You have a loving Father in heaven who knows what's on your mind, who loves you unconditionally, and who wants to speak into your life. Seek out his voice in the Bible reading assigned for the day.