Lie #1: You Complete Me

February 3, 2019

A line from a certain movie made "you complete me" a popular saying, but nothing burdens your partner more than expecting your completion to come from them. In this talk you'll learn more about what it looks like when this lie influence a marriage, and how to replace it with God's truth.


Lie #2: Happily Ever After

February 10, 2019

While lots of marriages begin with the dream of living happily ever after, what if marriage was never designed to produce happiness for you? This message will challenge you to confront a lie that society and culture have encouraged you to believe.


Lie #3: I AM Who I Am

February 17, 2019

If a marriage is built on unconditional love, does that mean your spouse should just accept you for who you are without any nagging? Let's be real. This message exposes a lie that often turns healthy confrontation into unhealthy conflict.