Message Series

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  • Broken

    Most people agree that our world and culture is more broken than ever. This series uncovers various aspects of life that often suffer from brokenness and what the solution to it is. View series.

  • Uncommon Sense

    Many of the things in your life are common sense, but the most important things aren't. Listen in on these conversations Jesus had with real people to discover new perspective and timeless truth. View series.

  • Fresh Start

    Experiences or sorrows from the past have the potential to affect your present and change your future. So before you do anything else, what if it's time to move past the past? What would it take to get a fresh start? View series.

  • Finding Happy in a New Year

    Everyone wishes for a happy new year, but what if you could actually find happy this year? A look at an ancient book of the Bible reveals that finding happy isn't as easy as it may seem. View message.

  • Christmas in Lakeville

    You have been disappointed enough times to realize that you shouldn't set your expectations too high. But when you think about tomorrow, Christmas empowers you to never lower your expectations from God. View message.

  • Waiting for Christmas

    Christmas can be a season filled with joy, or it can cause stress or anxiety. In this series you will discover renewed peace as we unpack the stories of people who, like you, had to wait for Christmas. View series.

  • The Best is Yet to Come

    Holidays can be tough whether you're missing someone you loved or you're just reminiscing about the good old days. In this message you'll discover how Jesus proved that no matter where you're at, the best is yet to come. View series.

  • God & country

    The political climate is dominated by fear, anger, and frustration. Many have given up and many have lost hope. In this series you will explore God's direction about how to navigate this element of culture. View series.

  • Home Improvements

    Everyone has a family. Some are big, others are small. Some live in close proximity, others are far apart. But none are perfect. In this series we make some home improvements as we unpack what God has to say about relationships. View series.

  • Abraham: A journey of Faith

    What made Abraham special wasn't so much what he did or who he was, but rather who he raised. Follow along as this ordinary man fulfills an extraordinary call. His story isn't so different than yours. View series.

  • Wish You WEre Here

    This four-part series studies a letter written by the apostle John in which God takes you from where you are to where he wants you to be. View series.

  • Follow

    Religion can be complicated, and people can do weird things in the name of it. When Jesus came, he did not ask people to follow a system. He asked people to follow him. View series.

  • Starting Point: The Series

    Everything has a starting point - even faith. What if you could approach Christianity from a fresh perspective as an adult? What questions would you have? What issues would you wrestle with? Starting Point is the best place to start. View series.

  • Generosity

    "Generous" is what everyone wants to be known as, but it can be such a tricky thing to define. This series will challenge your views of generosity as you look at the way the Bible defines it and as you discover how God himself models it. View series.

  • 40th Anniversary Celebration

    In 2015 we celebrated forty years as a local church. This message pinpoints the true reason for celebration on this landmark anniversary. View message.

  • Navigating Culture

    Landmark decisions. Political correctness. Relative truth. The world is getting a lot more complicated, and people are reacting in a number of ways. This series navigates real issues with truth and grace. View series.